Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Additive Manufacturing?


A: Additive Manufacturing, more commonly known as "3D Printing," is the process of building three-dimensional objects by adding layer upon layer of material. In our case, the material is concrete and the objects are buildings; such as houses, office buildings, and factories.



Q: Why should I use 3D printers to build structures?


A: This technology has been proven to be 40% less expensive than traditional construction methodsd (e.g. formwork). It uses less material, produces almost no excess waste (construction waste is roughly 10% of all global waste), is much more precise than human labor (which is subject to error), and operates exponentially faster. In fact, 3D printing technology has built ten houses in a single day!



Q: Are 3D Printed structures safe?


A: To date, 3D printed structures have been constructed predominately with reinforced concrete. This is the same material used to build many of the world's skyscrapers since the turn of the 21st Century. The material is durable, non-flammable, and much stronger than traditional materials (e.g. wood).



Q: Why aren't more buildings constructed this way?


A: While 3D printing is clearly the most efficient way to construct buildings, it is still a relatively new concept. Until now, there has not been a viable way to print buildings on site.



Q: When can I expect to see 3D printed structures world-wide?


A: Depending on where in the world you live, you may begin to see most new buildings constructed this way. In underdeveloped countries, this technology can be used to build large-scale housing projects at nearly half the existing expense. This should make adapation commonplace and improve the local's overall quality of life. Cities such as Dubai are pushing to have 25% of all new buildings constructed this way by 2030.



Q: How can I order equipment from 3Dbilt?


A: We will be accepting a limited number of Pre-Order's soon. If you'd like more information, fill out the form on the Equipment Sales page.


3Dbilt accepts payment in the form of cash, all major credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal and BitPay.


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